SEO Optimization – What is it and how to use it?

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September 7, 2020


If you have ever tried WordPress, you have most probably come across Yoast SEO Premium. If not, hop on it because it will help you a lot when writing a blog post on your website. It is one of most popular plugins of all time, allowing you to boost your site’s ranking on search engines with just a few clicks.

Attract more visitors from social media

Increase readers’ engagement

Learn how to optimize your website

Top-of-the-line Optimization

Do green bullets make you blue? Yoast Seo Premium uses context to determine how many times the keyword or key phrase has been written and see the placement within the text. Synonyms and related words are also taken into account to make the most natural flow of wording. Just like Google!


Creating content can be a tricky business. However, backlinking can provide you support. Inputting the sites or posts which are related can always come in handy with internal linking. 


You are happy with your post and upload it, but then it doesn’t come up as you planned? Yoast has your back with its preview where you can edit and see how it will look like even on all socials and devices.

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