How much does Web Scraping cost?

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January 9, 2020

Web scraping can unlock a whole world of data.

And with all that data, also comes a lot of value. You can use this data to uncover business insights, conduct research, build your next application, etc.

As a result, you might be wondering how much web scraping costs.

The answer depends on how you decide to approach your web scraping needs. Let’s break it all down.


How does web scraping work?

Let’s start with a quick review of the basics. To understand the costs behind web scraping, we have to talk about how web scraping works.

The main objective of a web scraper is to extract information from a webpage or website. As a result, there are several ways to scrape data. From scraping it manually, to using software scrapers that automate the process.


What do people use scraping for?

There are many reasons why people and businesses scrape data from a website. Here are some of the most common use cases that we have found:

  • Scraping lead information from directories: either individual contact information or company information to populate CRMs. For example, scraping platforms such as Yelp or Yellow Pages.
  • Market research: scrape pricing and other information on products from eCommerce websites, vehicles on dealership sites, trips on travel sites or property information from real estate sites
  • Collect data from sites for various research purposes
  • Build aggregators that collect blog posts, classified ads or jobs
  • Scrape data from an old website to move the content over to a new website, where export or API are not available
  • Scrape stock or cryptocurrency rates regularly
  • Scrape reviews and comments for sentiment analysis

    Custom Web Scrapers

    These are typically built by programmers in a variety of languages. People commonly use libraries like Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, and Selenium to build them.


    • Highly customizable and tailored to your needs
    • If you hire someone to build it, little time investment on your part


    • Difficult to maintain without programming knowledge
    • If you have hired someone, you need to contact and pay them each time an issue arises or a change is required
    • Each website requires that an entirely new scraper be built for it

      The demand for web scraping services is high and rising.

      A search for “web scraping” on Upwork shows that there are currently 833 jobs and shows 1129.

      We used ParseHub to quickly scrape the “Websites, IT & Software” category and, of the 477 skills listed, “Web scraping” was in 21st position.

      An experiment on Web Scraping services pricing

      We contacted 7 scraping companies with a quote request for a weekly scrape of 6000 products on Amazon in four categories to extract the title, price, brand, description, ASIN, rating, number of reviews and the “Sold by” name and URL.

      These are some of the quotes we received:

      • 400 initial setup and 4500 – $5000 per year for managed services (assuming a middle ground of 4750, this is395/month maintenance)
      • 99 initial setup, 79/month for monthly maintenance and 5 per 10000 records per month (assuming 6000 records per week, this adds on 12 per month for a total of 91/month maintenance)
      • 149 initial setup and 100/month maintenance
      • 329 initial setup and the first 10,000 lines of data. After that, each additional record will be charged at 0.005/line. At 24,000 products per month, this is about 120/month maintenance

      While it’s a small sample, it is about a 244 average for the initial setup and a 177 average monthly maintenance fee. These prices are more or less in line with those reported by Not too shabby if the project isn’t too complex!

      One-time Web Scraping jobs

      A lot of these quotes are based on ongoing web scraping jobs. But what about one-time jobs?

      Cryt offers the lowest quotes due to our automated in-house tool built on the scrapy framework.  For your one-time scraping needs, additionally, we can set up and run the entire scraping job for you – just contact us to request a quote.

      How difficult is it to provide web scraping services?

      That depends! It depends on both the method you use (programming vs software) and the complexity of the website.

      The above Amazon project, for example, takes an experienced user about 1 hour to build.

      What questions should I ask a potential client?

      To understand the complexity of a web scraping project, typically we ask:

      • What website are they trying to scrape?
      • On that website, what specific elements are they interested in?
      • What format would they like the data to be extracted to and how would they like that data formatted?
      • Approximately how many pages will they be scraping?
      • How regularly do they require this data?
      • What to do with this data?

      On receiving this information we will look at the website and quickly build a sample project to understand how complex it will be. Things to consider are: how structured is the data? Is the layout they are requesting possible?

      If the client is scraping a high volume of pages frequently, there may also be issues with the website attempting to block that traffic. In this case, rotating proxies (either from a pool of proxies or using custom proxies for that client) will usually be a requirement.



      Zyte offers IP Rotation services to prevent being blocked from popular websites for scraping

      Web scraping is legal in most cases. While we cannot provide legal expertise, we would encourage you to read some of the following literature and always check the terms of service of the website you are scraping.

      You can read more on the legality of web scraping here: Is web scraping legal?

      Final words

      In summary, web scraping is a highly in-demand skill that helps your business gain insight and grow if you have a web scraping project feel free to contact us.

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