Women who believe persevere! Successful Businesses own by women in Ireland.

Written by adam

Founder of Cryt

September 4, 2020

2020 is the year of hustle, and nobody is hustling more than women today for their rights and equality in this modern world where everything is changing rapidly, and each day there is a new obstacle to overcome. Ireland, in this Covid-19 situation, has seen influential female entrepreneurs whose leadership has seen a breakthrough.

Lynda Booth’s Dublin Cookery School

Lynda Booth became one of Ireland’s most recognisable chefs working from small diners to two stars Michelin restaurants all around Europe, gaining the culinary knowledge that gave her courage to run something of her own. One of her ways to get started was to get into a business network and find herself a mentor. The necessity in the process was to have a well-structured plan and organisation. After time clear image of business was formed, however not without obstacles such as the location and the money. Money was a problem for Lynda because banks were reluctant to invest until she found someone who believed in her and her ideas. Every beginning is hard, especially when there are a lot of businesses offering similar services. But thanks to a great team and a big scale of operations, a good name began to spread, and people kept coming back.

Alison Stroh, Dr Coy’s Health Food

Alison Stroh is a founder of Dr Coy’s Health Food and a firm believer in a sugar-free diet. She patented products with the innovation and diet-friendly ingredients based on the research of Dr Coy. With the long term vision of global expansion and a short term one of upscaling on the market, her company is branding as a health-oriented one. Now talking to potential investors and finding fundings are the way to grow. With creative social media content, they are targeting their critical markets such as millennials and sports enthusiasts that enables them to have an significant social business network and like-minded followers. However, there were struggles and situations which could not have been predicted and have set them aback but also inspired them to work even harder to reach their goals. Alison’s entrepreneur’s energy, commitment and passion for the business, as well as her continued support for other female founders has established her position as a great leader.

What can be learned from these women with great entrepreneur success is that a excellent plan is half the work but also a good team and a leader with a vision are crucial. However, nothing in life is certain and nor is in business.  Believe in yourself and your ideas and you will persevere! 

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