We are a group of passionate designers, developers & digital Marketers creating a Digital agency

Cryt is a Digital agency that is inspired by how far IT technologies have brought us and strives to help others unlock their full potential.

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Our Core values

We strive at choosing the best solution for our client’s businesses based on their future and present needs. The best solution is determined by what will generate the best ROI for your company. We like to think of ourselves as consultants and strategists first.

We are not a team of “Yes men” if something isn’t making sense, we’ll push back and the results will make you glad.

In turn, your success means our success.


Our Digital agency stats

We have been around for a long time and a good time; the journey has connected us with talented business owners and staff. We look forward to growing these numbers to new rights and expanding our network of talent startups, businesses and ambitious team members.

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Our Digital agency Values & Vision

Quality never goes out of fashion

We use internal teams to audit each project and leverage automated testing to ensure robustness.

Your Success is our success

With each project we build relationships built on trust, we’ll help you plan for your family, your business, and your life.

Driven by Data

The ability to make educated decisions is critical to any project and to make educated decisions, we all require one thing: data. Using our skills in domains such as Web scraping and marketing research we guide and advise our customers in their journey to become data-driven.

Trusted Partner

We help our clients traverse through a daunting and obscure field of IT where every decision counts and with every decision your project ROI is at the forefront.

Our educational System

It’s an all-in-one system that makes train staff, students and potential leads. The user will be able to go at their own pace and enjoy the rewards such as badges and score points. Creating the courses is simple and even easier to manage.

We use it to train our staff and customers. Knowledge is power.

You can see our education system live here

devices all interconnected
devices all interconnected

Our sister company

Cryt recruitment


We connected talented IT recruits from around the European Union for fast-growing companies. We take care of the bureaucracy associated with the moving country for work. Following our tag line of “as easy as ordering a pint”.

Cryt developed an automated tool called auto-job for Cryt recruitment that allowed them to stay ahead in the competitive market along with growth driven marketing tools.

Digital agency pricing


Fixed Price

We use this model for projects with a predefined scope of work and timeline. This type of cooperation is ideal for projects where there is little to no change expected in terms of features and the overall scope of the project.

Time and Materials

This model applies to most new product development projects because their scope is often difficult to predict. We start with a broad prediction of budget and timeline, which goes into more detail with each following phase to ensure full control of the spending.

Retained Partnership

This model enables you to have a team of people who work full-time on your project. It’s perfect if you have long-term needs for designers, developers and other experts.

Consulting & Training

Strategy or educational sessions are done with partners who wish to revise their strategies and products, or simply elevate their knowledge about digital marketing.

Our team

Adam Sever Cryt employee

Adam Sever


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Antonela Kasic

HR specialist

Federico Grillo

Yosip Mestrovic

Sales representive

Mar jemeric

Karl McEvoy

Marketing specialist

Adam Sever Cryt employee

Laura sruk

Website designer


45 CastleCurragh Park

Dublin 15

+353 1 211 8248



10000, Zagreb


An office in the heartland of Dublin known for the friendliness of its people and famous for its craic (“crack”)—that mixture of repartee, humour, intelligence, and acerbic and deflating insight that has attracted writers, intellectuals, and visitors for centuries. It has faded grandeur and a comfortably worn sense.

CastleCurragh Park, Dublin 15


The tower was built in 1976 by architects Slavko Jelinek and Berislav Vinković located in Zagreb. A city filled with culture and beauty from its 1000-year old Gornji grad to the 100’s of museums and cafes

Savska 41, 10000, Zagreb

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We help our clients traverse through a daunting and obscure field of IT where every decision counts.