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The My Account Page

Overview This guide is an overview of the functionality available to customers who are logged in to your store via the My Account page. My Account is the central customer dashboard in a WooCommerce store. Customers can view past orders, edit addresses, and...

Using Webhooks

Enabling the Payment Request Button also adds support for other wallets like Google Pay and Microsoft Pay, as well as the Payment Request API browser standard, which supports paying with a credit card saved to the browser. What are...

Understanding the WooCommerce System Status Report

The WooCommerce System Status report is useful for troubleshooting issues with your store. Containing a wide variety of information and tools, you can check software versions, server settings, and more from within. System Status To view your System Status report: Go...

Roles and Capabilities

WooCommerce registers two user roles once activated, and grants additional capabilities to the Admin: manage_woocommerce for WooCommerce Settingsview_woocommerce_reports Customer role People become Customers when registering via the...

WooCommerce Menu Items

Home Section The Home section is your WooCommerce dashboard. Here you can stay on top of your store performance, get useful tips and insights to grow your business, and quickly access some of the most important areas to manage your store. More information...

Shop Currency

Currency Settings Change the look of how currency is shown in your WooCommerce store. Currency To change your shop currency settings go to: WooCommerce > Settings > General > Currency Options and select your desired currency from the Currency drop...

Setting up Taxes in WooCommerce

Setting up taxes and tax rates is one of the first tasks you want to perform when setting up a store. Taxes can be a complex matter, but WooCommerce aims to make the setup as straightforward as possible.We recommend consulting with a tax professional or an...

Translating WooCommerce (Localization)

WooCommerce comes localization-ready out of the box. All that’s needed is a translation file for your language. There are several methods to create a translation, most of which are outlined in the WordPress Codex. In most cases you can contribute to the...

Shortcodes included with WooCommerce

WooCommerce comes with several shortcodes that can be used to insert content inside posts and pages.Our WooCommerce blocks are now the easiest and most flexible way to display your products on posts and pages on your WooCommerce site. Read more about all the...

Widgets included with WooCommerce

Several widgets come with WooCommerce that help you display products in a multitude of ways in your themes widgetized areas.Note: You can now access and use most of the widgets listed below via the WooCommerce Blocks plugin – or in the latest version of...

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